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Can I be found on the first page of Google, is something every web master eager to know. Whenever a user hunts for particular information in the search engine, they normally tend to visit websites that are at the top of the list as they distinguish those to be more relevant to the query. The idea of gaining priority over other websites in response to a probe is done by SEO. The main purpose of SEO is to make sure that your website is seen in the free, organic or natural search results in search engines and create free movement of visitors coming to the website over and over again without spending a penny. Different search engines give different results for the same search string. This happens as search engines use complex mathematical algorithms weighed differently to guess which website a user seeks.

Though search engines are now becoming very sophisticated there are several variables that go into SEO when indexed into your website. To have a successful website from SEO perspective there has to be an exceptional and unique Content that keeps the readers engaged. Thorough research for actual keywords acts as a guide to steer the content. It helps the webmaster to know the average time spent on a webpage, total number of people bounced from the page and the returning visitors to our website. The HTML and Meta information which includes page title tags, headers primarily focus on the content that is useful to a person researching on the internet. SEO uses BLACK HAT marketing where they recognize any text that has changed to white on a webpage that has a white background. Correct website architecture paramount to high ranking in SEO. Some factors that make way for a good architecture are the ability to crawl through websites, use of caching for loading the website quickly, preventing duplicate content and maintaining URLs. Elements like backlinks to the website, trust, social signals and geographic data also plays a pivotal role in SEO. Backlinks can be said as a vote from one website, telling SEO that, another website is reputable and trustworthy. If a website goes out on the internet and purchases the ability to be linked to and from other websites or it is a spam link, then it may be termed as a negative practice and SEO will substantially penalize the webmaster in case of search engine rankings.

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